Matthew Broderick became a well known actor for his role in Wargames (1983) but really shot to fame and fortune with his starring role in the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Matthew followed up these movies with Biloxi Blues (1988), The Lion King (1994) and Godzilla (1998). Since 200, Broderick has focused mainly on the stage, where he has held key roles in The Producers (2001-2002), The Odd Couple (2005) and Nice Work If You Can Get It (2012-2013). Most recently he can be seen as Robert in Evening at the Talk House (2017). He has been married to actress Sarah Jessica Parker since 1997. Interesting fact: In 1987, Matthew, who was secretly dating Jennifer Grey, caused a head-on collision in Northern Ireland where 2 people in an oncoming car were killed. Broderick and Grey escaped with minor injuries.